Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something New for The Kitchen: Peppadew Peppers

There are so many wonderful ingredients out there and to keep from getting into a rut I am always looking for something new for the kitchen. I thought that this would be a great regular feature to help introduce new ingredients and hopefully encourage others to be a little more adventurous in their cooking.

For dinner last Sunday I decided to make Chicken Scarpariello. The recipe called for Peppadew peppers which I had never heard of before. Of course, I was intrigued. I did a little research and learned that Peppadew takes sweet peppers grown in South Africa and preserves them. The resulting peppers are sweet, tangy and not too hot. (Admittedly, I have a really low heat tolerance.) The best part is that Peppadew has provided jobs for thousands of people in Africa and works to support local farmers.

I was able to find these at my local Whole Foods and they were great in the recipe. Peppadews would be great addition to stir fry, dips or just to add a little kick to your meal.

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