Monday, April 23, 2012

Affo - What???

I am in love with Affogato! It's all my favorite things - delicious, creamy gelato with a shot of expresso poured over top. Of course, quality makes a huge difference and we are lucky to have the awesome Pitango Gelato not far from our house. Pitango focuses on the freshest ingredients and locally grown as much as possible. The gelato at Pitango is actually better than a lot of what we had in Rome so this is the real deal!

I pretty much can't make it anywhere near Pitango without stopping in for an affogato. I love that you can also try different flavor combinations. My favorites are the Bourbon Vanilla and Stracciatella (Vanilla with Chocolate Chips). Get creative and give one a try!

Affogato at Pitango Gelato

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